Welcome at My Love Proposal

 How to use My Love Proposal

“Hello! Don’t forget when creating your user profile under the, “My Love Proposal section,”  the video and text available should be filled in with very detailed information on what you are proposing or looking for. For example:
“Hi, I am John! I am looking for a partner who wants to travel through out Europe from July 4th-September 5th. I will be paying all expenses. If you’re fun and adventurous come with me on this exciting vacation!!” OR ” Hi, I am Cindy! I am a single mother who is looking for a life partner who is willing to move in with Tyler my 5 year old son and I in the Dallas, Texas area. We would split living expenses 50/50.”
Users then will have the opportunity to connect with you via message and you’ll be all set to enjoy your Love Proposal together. Remember not to include any phone numbers or email addresses in your Love Proposal for if you do your profile will be terminated immediately. Have fun and enjoy!!